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Formidable 😀

Livraison rapide dumbell de très bonnes qualités et trouver le meilleur prix ici Gym Army

Great product!

Great product and incredible customer service!

Great Product & Great Service

Due to the popularity of Nuobells, I only bought one set in the first order to test it out. These seem legit, the build feels good and sturdy, unlike the ones that people try to sell on the Facebook marketplace from Alibaba. Under the Nuobells official website, GymArmy is listed as an official reseller. These guys are awesome and very attentive to service! Would highly recommend!

Game changer

Reccommend it 100%

Peace of mind

4 Year total warranty for my product. I purchased the extended warranty after speaking with a staff member through the live chat. Gary assured me that my product would be covered for a total of 4 years!! Not bad considering it's only $50 for a purchase that cost me more than $500.

Good deal in my books. Great customer service as well! Quick response and very detailed. Thanks again Gary!

Great set

Got this for my son for Christmas since he's been complaining, can't wait to see the look on his face

Easy switch

Easy to switch between weights


These may be a lot up front but I dont regret it one bit!

High Quality

High quality dumbbell stand, perfect addition for my dumbbells! Durable and great quality, doesn't seem flimsy

Pros and Cons

Good if you always workout alone, only downside is that you cant share them vs if you had a bunch of individual dumbbells


Does what it needs to do.


Good Product for the price, does what it needs to do, no complaints.


Cant say enough good things about this product! Would definetly recommend.

Must Have

These were such a lifesaver when gyms closed since I didnt need to go out and hunt down a bunch of different weights, would recommend!

Space Saver

I just started building my home gym and these are definetly a staple, saved me so much space and $$.

Great Price

This is basically the same price as 4 weights except you get 30 different options. Great value

Will Last

This product is great, I can honestly say it will probably last me forever - was built to last.

Great for Beginners

The lower weights are great for beginners, would recommend.


Great variety of low to high weights


This product has been a lifesaver over the pandemic - easy to use and saves space, perfect for anyone that lives in a condo

Adjustable Weights - Best bang for buck

Best bang for your buck, Don't bother with Bowflex, these are just as good


Can't knock the product, it's great. No one replied on the live chat. To be fair I messaged at around 3am haha. Maybe shut it off! Overall happy - they at least responded to my email


Wonderful to exersise for home

Buy a PAIR

Although it is an investment id definetly recommend a pair, these are great and save you money in the longrun

excellent dumbbells

Excellent product, lots of variety, little mess.