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    Yes, every product in Gym Army's lineup comes with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty. If you would like to further protect your product, you can purchase an extended 2 year or 3 year warranty!


    Gently push down on the dumbbell handle - ensuring the dumbbell is correctly sitting in the base - and turn each adjustment knob to the desired weight. You will know you have fully and correctly selected the number when you feel the adjustment knob settle into a notch and you hear a clicking noise. If you have not fully selected the desired weight and the knob is in between, it will lock and you will not be able to remove the dumbbell from the base.

    Yes, the dumbbells come with a one page guide that offers basic troubleshooting solutions. Our service team is always willing to go the extra mile if you have any specific questions or concerns.

    Never hesitate to contact Gym Army!

    Covered with a unique injection molded plastic, Gym Army's Dumbbells and Kettlebells won't clank and clatter when they are set down. The cover on the dumbbells also keeps weights from scratching floors or other surfaces they might touch. And no matter how sweaty the workout gets, they are protected from corrosive rust.

    Currently, we are only able to offer this service within the GTA - contact us at support@gymarmy.co to learn more.  Please note that Gym Army offers a 1 year warranty on all goods, so purchase with confidence! Customer service is our top priority.

    Our dumbbells provide the option of offset weight selection. Offset weight selection involves using a different weight setting on one side of the dumbbell relative to the other, assisting in supination and pronation of the wrist and forearm. During offset weight selection, the combination of weight plates selected will not be the same on both sides of the dumbbell, so it must be returned to the base in the same orientation that it was removed.