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Adjustable Dumbbell BASE (Replacement base for 52.5lb Dumbbells)

Absolutely delighted.

I don’t regret buying these at all. I hear people complain about the plastic but it looks to me that its not actually supporting the weight, it’s more of a guide to keep the weights together when you put them back in the cradle. The plastic is also extremely thick and appears very durable, time will tell if it actually is. I also hear a lot of flack about how they need to be positioned correctly to slide them back into the craddle, these must be by people who’ve never used adjustables before, these are so much easier to put back in than any of the others I’ve used.

These weights are very well balanced and have hardly any rattle at all when I’m using them. Selecting new weight sizes is extremely quick and easier than any I’ve ever used before. They look amazingly sleek and are a wonderful addition to my gear. Yes they’re pricey but you get what you pay for. I was excited when I received them and giddy after I first used them. Ive gotten rid of my old adjustables and these are my new permanents.

Awesome! Works as is!

Nuo Stand

Well built, amazing quality, a must have. Looks great, no regrets

Amazing !

Using these dumbbells for a few weeks now. Totally satisfied with it. Ergonomically built very well, easy to use and change weights. It also looks great!
Shipping and delivery from Gym Army was quick and easy as well.

Nuobell 5-80 Blackout, simply awesome!

I finally treated myself to these NuoBells, and I’m so happy with them. They look badass, they function perfectly, and they are the perfect addition to my home gym. The purchase process from Gym Army was superb. The online customer services representative was helpful and provided rapid responses to my questions. Shipping was really fast, I had them at my home five days later (and I live outside of a major city). They arrived in perfect condition. I also ordered the dual legged stand, highly recommend. It’s very good quality and makes using these NuoBells so much better. Nothing but good things to say about the products, and Gym Army.

Great Option

Recently purchased these and they are a great option for a home gym with a great range of weight in an easy to use design. Steel plates and handles are very durable and sleek. Only improvement I would recommend would be steel cradles rather than plastic. If not placed back in the cradle carefully the plastic tab protrusion can break which would not engage the gears to change weights. Possibly in next gen design. Aside form that I am very satisfied.

Amazing Product

These adjustable dumbbells definitely brought my home gym to another level. The convenience, functionality and look of these dumbbells are top notch. 10/10 product. Order fulfillment and shipping were both very fast.

Great and authentic gears, fast shipping and good communication

Shipping was fast, well package for safe shipping, take times to validate my order and product quality is impeccable. I'm happy with my purchase :)

Highest quality stand ever

Most stands put a bolt all the way through the opposite sides of the square tubing. Not this one. Each tube is threaded on 3/4 sides and the other piece bolts over and into on those 3 sides. Everything fits perfect and no risk of crushing the tubes over tightening. Literally impressed/surprised at how well designed and built it is.

Great addition to my gym

I bought these to potentially replace my Select-a-tech dumbbells. And, I have to say that these are a great improvement. Much easier to use, and better balanced.

Legit Nuobell

Gym Army was easy to deal with and fast shipping. I know a lot of people have concerns with Nuobells because the knock-offs presenting themselves as the real deal but no one should have a concern with these. These neobells will last a long time if you treat them right. The weight change mechanism feels smooth and crisp however I would recommend turning them one click at a time in a smooth manner. I could see the mechanism becoming an issue if you crank multiple stops at a time under more pressure than needed but honestly if you crank these with all your strength you deserve a broken dumbbell.

Nuobell Adjustable Dumbbell (5lbs - 80lbs) Set

Only had them for 2 weeks now, but love them so far & seem to be working well.

Adjustable dumbbells great addition

These work great. Easy to adjust and lots of weight for all exercises I do.

Attempted return with multiple request, no response

I cancel an order that did not arrive before X mas and decided to cancel. It was sent a week after my firing request I still told them I wanted to return. I have made 4 attempt at emailing with no response to my request.
Please advise

Nuobell Adjustable Dumbbell Stand - (STAND ONLY)

Adjustable Dumbbell (10lbs - 90lbs) - Single Dumbbell

Lived up to expectations

For the price, I was expecting the Nuobells to be top of the line, and they did not disappoint!


Great product and great service . Love it

Nuobell 5-80

Great customer service! product showed up to my door as described, packaged well and on time. I downsized from an entire dumbbell set to nuobell 80's and its safe to say that I made the right choice. Wouldn't hesitate to buy from gymarmy again.

Adjustable Dumbbell BASE (Replacement base for 52.5lb Dumbbells)

Must have for nuobell dumbbells

I did not buy the stand at first, but soon realized that it's a must have. What I like about the stand is that you walk inside of it to pick the dumbbells. Much easier than picking up dumbbells from floor or high surface. Pleasant experience with Gym Army and definitely recommend them.

I love the dumbbell

It is an amazing product. Make it easy to stay fit at home.

Formidable 😀

Livraison rapide dumbell de très bonnes qualités et trouver le meilleur prix ici Gym Army

Great product!

Great product and incredible customer service!