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Exercise and The Mind

Exercise and The Mind - Gym Army

Exercise and the Mind

We always hear that exercise is for the body, but we forget howabsorbent the mind is to our habits. What happens to the mind when wepush ourselves to be physical? In what ways does the brain change when weprogram it with healthy habits? It is time to explore the multitude of benefitsthat come with exercise, beyond just the body.

The brain is a seriously powerful and complex organ, highly adaptive to its environment and conditioning. It would be foolish to think that healthy habits would not have some sort of healthy impact on it. In fact, one of the most notable benefits to exercise for the brain is increased ability to retain memory and thinking. The endorphins released from exercise not only make you happier and overall feel better, they contribute to increased concentration, which allows you to feel alert with your tasks. In addition, it promotes new brain cell growth, which prevents age-related mental decline.

An investment in oneself and self-care reflects very well within the brain. When exercise is regular, it harvests a sense of feeling brave, strong, and powerful. Setting fitness goals and achieving them is sure to make anybody happy, and make them feel proud of their accomplishments.

Winter Wellness

As the outdoor activities slowly start packing up and the daylight hours become shorter, our exposure to sunlight also greatly reduces. This leads to a phenomenon called SAD. When we're exposed to sunlight, our serotonin levels increase. Serotonin is a chemical responsible for a variety of things, such as maintaining our circadian rhythm and reducing our negative emotions. With a lack of serotonin, we become more vulnerable to mood shifts and having inconsistent sleep. Both of these significantly contribute to making us feel more depressed, and leads us to feeling more tired, both physically and mentally. To counteract this, it is highly important to take advantage of any sunlight during the winter days, and to always have some vitamin D tablets at home.

Although winter can be a huge obstacle in your journey for self-improvement, it shouldn't stop your grind altogether. There are many resources for mental health support and many ways to continue exercising even when your local park may be a bit too slippery to have a jog through.

It's Easy to Get Moving, Right Where You Are.